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35 Quart RUGID Cooler

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This is our “two case” cooler because it perfectly holds 48 cans of your favorite beverage. The RUGID 35 features 100% replaceable parts, five year warranty, dry ice compatibility, and RUGID durability. With up to 3" of foam insulation, a properly prepped and packed 35 Quart RUGID cooler should keep ice for 7 days or more. The RUGID 35 is an excellent choice for boating, camping, hunting and weekend trips because of its compact size but usable interior volume. The RUGID 35 holds a true 35 quarts (36.5 to be precise), which is approximately 12 quarts more than the Yeti Tundra 35. The RUGID 35 offers standard features and a size not found on RTIC brand coolers. So whether Yeti coolers vs RUGID or RTIC coolers vs RUGID, RUGID stacks up as an affordable and durable alternative.


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35 Quart Cooler

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