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5 Gallon/20 Quart RUGID Cooler Bucket

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The 5 gallon/20 quart RUGID cooler bucket takes the square out of coolers. The round design lends itself to better balance and easier carrying. With more than two inches of insulation the RUGID cooler bucket promises to keep drinks and snacks colder than standard cheapie square boxes. The neoprene top pad creates the perfect campfire or pontoon boat seat. Comes standard with 100% replaceable parts in non-rusting stainless or aluminum, a built-in bottle opener and our universally-famous cam latches that lock in the cold. A spigot-style drain valve and built-in breather hole allow the bucket to double as a water cooler. Quit being a square and put the round peg in the round hole! 


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20 Quart (5 gal.) Bucket

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